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Time to check out Lionbite Games new game

A few days ago Lionbite Games announced their upcoming story-driven dystopian-futuristic game Rain of Reflections. And it will launch very soon, the 20th of September to be precise! Rain of Reflections will allow players to delve into a dystopian world while surviving turn-based strategy battles, hacking systems to open new ways and meeting a vast cast of characters. All in an effort to shape the future for the better. RoR will consist of three episodes called “Set Free”, “Open Eye” and “Undercurrent” respectively.

“Throughout your journey, you’ll engage in turn-based strategy encounters in destructible environments with a range of tactical options, including stealth, dialogue and combat. matter, too. Dialogue choices can convince, defuse or outsmart other characters in a variety of fully voiced conversations, which may have serious consequences down the road. They can also influence the motivation of your allies and enemies in combat, helping to change the tide of battle at a critical moment.” – About the game

We are hoping to review the game once it launches and will get back to that as well as more news about the upcoming launch, in due time! The game comes out for PC on Steam on the 20th of September.

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Source: Mi5 Communications

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