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Translated version released today

Today, the English version of Mad Princess: The Great Gladiators, by Independend developer Atorasoft, is releasing on DLsite and is planned to be released on Steam as well.

YOU, the player, will not be restricted by a single story. In this RPG you can enjoy a ‘free-scenario’ where you are at liberty to adventure and play as you please.

The battle and exploration controls are straightforward, allowing the player to enjoy the content many times in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our game! -Atorasoft

the game walks a fine line between simulation and RPG. It’s got character development, resource management and tactics. You fight your way out of the Coliseum, earn your freedom and continue on exploring the world in this G-rated (rated for all ages) Gladiator Role-Playing Game.

I had a lot of fun translating Mad Princess, and it was difficult not to when I got to drop in references and historical allusions to Ancient Rome.

I felt like I was going on an adventure myself while reading through and translating the story. The characters themselves have such lifelike motivations which can be hard to come by in fantasy settings. -Translator

The developer, Atorasoft, is located in Japan, with two main members. Atora, the system programmer and more, as well as Wareyon who creates their unique graphics. Mad princess is so far one of the best selling All-Age indie games on DLsite.

Sources: Curious Factory press release.

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