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U ready for Valorant Closed Beta?

Riot Games has announced that a closed testing period is under its way for its upcoming FPS title Valorant. The closed beta will begin on the 7th of April and it will be limited to players in Europe, Canada, Russia, Turkey, and the United States. More regions could get access, later on, pending on the developments with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, Riot Games is collaborating with Twitch, which means if you live in Canada, Europe, Russia, Turkey or the United States and have a Twitch account, you can get entitled to the Closed Beta session. Simply follow these steps to get access:

1. Register for a Riot account (create a Riot account here)
2. Link your Riot account to a Twitch account (create a Twitch account here)
3. When closed beta activates in your region (EU and NA for now), watch specific
VALORANT streams highlighted on Twitch for the opportunity to be entitled for Closed
Beta access

Source: PR Nordic

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