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You will soon be able to build computers virtually


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Or you have had a chance for a while actually, with the PC Building Simulator. A game that had an alpha demo released in 2017 and went to early access in 2018. If you haven’t heard of this before, it is simply a game that lets you build desktop computers. with real parts and manufactures from the real world. Always wanted to build your dream monster gaming computer, well you have the chance to do it.


Even more good news, it’s leaving early access 29th, January 2019. You can start your career as an IT guy or girl ofc, diagnose, troubleshoot and fix computers.

After a successful period of Early Access where we saw tremendous support from our community, we are excited to be starting a whole new chapter for the game now that our core features are complete. By exiting Early Access, we hope to further expand the joy of PC building to as many people as possible! – Stuart Morton of The Irregular Corporation.

As said the full release will be available 29th January, if you want to play it now before it leaves early access you can purchase it on Steam for 19.99 EUR.

Source: Cosmocover Press Release

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