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14 minutes of gameplay footage!

As usual in the past few years, EA kicked off E3 2019 with EA Play today. EA had announced beforehand what games they would show during E3 this year, including Respawn Entertainment’s; Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.

Respawn provided us with a 14 minutes long gameplay video, where they showcased a small glimpse from what the game will offer. From what I could see from this video (you can see it below), Jedi Fallen Order is a singleplayer action/adventure experience, same as we could with experience Star Wars: Force Unleashed during the last generation of consoles.

Cal Kestis and the robot BD-1

We follow our new Jedi, Cal Kestis and Wall-E who he kidnapped (that’s a joke) and BD-1 on action-packed story filled missions within the Star Wars universe.

It’s easy to see that it’s Respawn who have developed this game, as wall running is pretty familiar to the Titanfall series. But I believe that this game might be the one game Star Wars fans needs to experience today to receive EA’s trust again. As for now, it sure looks like it. Jedi Fallen Order is still in Alpha, and that shows in regards of graphics and a few hiccups in the gameplay, so let’s hope that will be fixed before the release 15th of November this year.

Much of the gameplay mechanics look familiar to a lot of other games, but even though I didn’t get the “Wow factor” with this gameplay, doesn’t mean it isn’t any good. The combat looked awesome, and same as with God of War, wielding that weapon looks incredibly satisfying!

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Kim Haug
Kim Haug
Eier og daglig leder av Ulvespill Interessen min for spill er så stor at jeg bestemte meg for å starte opp egen spillnettside, why not? Har skrevet spillnyheter og anmeldelser siden 2011

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