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2v2 Gameplay, Multiplayer Reveal and Knife Takedowns confirmed and more

An official reveal of the gameplay of the next Call of Duty will occur on the 1st of August on their Twitch channel. However, a lot of information regarding the multiplayer has already been confirmed because of the streams down below, and a few YouTubers who have played the game early on, but now the NDA’s has lifted. (sources down below)

Ahead of that, a few days ago, Activision/Infinity Ward used a handful of Twitch Streamers to reveal a new multiplayer mode, “Gunfight” a 2v2 multiplayer mode.
(You can see all of the VOD’s down below)

2v2 Gunfight details

  • Maps are smaller than the face-off maps we have known from Modern Warfare 3.
  • One life, no health regeneration.
  • You won’t be able to choose weapons and loadouts in Gunfight, each round, all players will spawn with the same loadouts.
  • Rounds are extremely fast, 20 to 40 seconds
  • Will feature a tournament mode with brackets. The rewards for winning these tournaments are to be announced.
  • If nothing happens within the first 40 seconds of the map a flag will spawn in the map and whoever captures it wins. This is to avoid camping in the mode.
  • Confirmed maps; King, Pine, and Stack. There might be a day/night cycle
  • Set Weapons can be picked up on the map

We also noticed multiple times that a new feature will arrive at the Call of Duty series, knife takedowns animations.


Multiplayer information confirmed before the official reveal 1st of August

  • Peek & Lean mechanic confirmed
  • Sniper glint will be back (previously seen in Infinite Warfare)
  • You can trade kills (meaning the both of you die at the same time)
  • Quickscoping is back but it’s a lot slower now (Clip from the 2v2 reveal stream)
  • Riot shield confirmed to be in multiplayer
  • Confirmed, no specialists in multiplayer; all operators are the same.
  • You can mount every weapon (no bipods needed) on vertical or horizontal surfaces to reduce recoil; except pistols and launchers.
  • Night Vision Goggles returning and can be toggled on and off at any time, and there are some maps that will need NVG.
  • Almost all doors can be opened and closed in multiplayer.
  • Most maps are designed for three-lanes (like with Treyarch’s map designs), but there are some with four lanes.
  • Map sizes are 2-3x the size of Shipment from Call of Duty 4 and tend to be rectangular in shape.
  • Guns are all real-life guns (brand, etc.)
  • No killstreaks available in Gunfight mode
  • Players can make their own March Madness-type tournament bracket for Gunfight
  • The game was playable on PS4, Xbox One and PC at the Infinity Ward studio
  • Grenades are locked upon spawn to avoid players cooking them upon spawn in Gunfight mode
  • FOV sliders and other graphic options are available on PC
  • Weapons were locked down in terms of customization, only because they were still working on it. Lots of attachments, a lot of real-world weapons to pick from.
  • Time to kill closer to Call of Duty: Ghosts depending on the weapon in use.
  • Character health was reminiscent of Modern Warfare 3, you’ll die quicker than you did in Black Ops 4, Ghost and even WWII.

Se WORLD PREMIERE COD MW GUNFIGHT STREAM! (Full MP UNIVERSE Reveal on 8/1) #COD_Partner fra LEGIQN på www.twitch.tv

Se COD MW GUNFIGHT STREAM! Full MP universe reveal on 8/1! #COD_Partner fra CouRageJD på www.twitch.tv


Se Modern Warfare 2v2 Gunfight Reveal & Full MP Universe Reveal (August 1st)! #COD_Partner fra Syndicate på www.twitch.tv

We have to wait until the official reveal 1st of August to really confirm everything in this article (except the Gunfight mode, duh..). If some of this, or even better, everything is correct, than I can’t wait to get my hands on this. For now, enjoy the reveal trailer of the campaign mode.

Sources: Activision Press Release, Call of Duty Gunfight Reveal on Twitch, Drift0r, PrestigeISKey

Kim Haug
Kim Haug
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