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2v2 me in Modern Warfare, mate!

Earlier today, Activision made the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 Alpha available to play. It will be exclusive for the PS4. If you haven’t preloaded it yet, you can do so here. The 2v2 experience is brand new to the Call of Duty franchise. With a mix of individual skills and teamwork, the developers hope to give CoD an edge over the competition. Before you jump in however, you might want to know how (and where) you’ll be fighting.

Rules of Engagement

“Small team, multi-round cage matches. The first duo to reach the round win limit is victorious.”

The lone mode you’ll be playing in the 2v2 Alpha is a four-player, two-versus-two Multiplayer match. The object of this game is to eliminate the opposing duo, with every player getting the same loadout that changes every two rounds along with where each team spawns.

Modern Warfare - 2v2 (7)

If neither team is defeated at the end of the time limit, a flag spawns and a 10-second overtime begins. The team that captures this flag, or the team to wipe out their opposition wins the round. Should the round end with neither team eliminated nor the flag captured, the duo that has the highest combined health wins, with the round ending in a draw in the rare case that both teams end with the exact same health.

The first team to win six rounds takes the match!

Modern Warfare - 2v2 (2)

Operation Overview: The Maps

The five maps for fighting, including two that are available exclusively in the 2v2 Alpha and never publicly seen before, are smaller than the maps for Call of Duty’s traditional 6v6 Multiplayer mode’s maps. Despite the size, these five maps still retain a huge amount of tactical structure.

The maps are called the following;

  • Speedball (2v2 Alpha Exclusive)
  • Docks (2v2 Alpha Exclusive)
  • King
  • Pine
  • Stack

Modern Warfare - 2v2 (6)

Technical Support during the Alpha

With this, as the name suggests, being an alpha, there are bound to be some issues during the period. If you do experience difficulties Activision urges you to go here to get help.

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

Source: Activision

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