CS:GO “End Season” 2019 Results

Right before the start of season two of ‘Telialigaen’ (Telia League, Norwegian League), we started off with a CS:GO team just for fun.
Throughout the league, we had to keep changing our roster, as players weren’t able to attend matches or regular training sessions.


Even though we had to keep changing our roster, we managed to promote ourselves up to the 4th division for the next season!
Next season should be different, as we have hired a new team coach and hopefully an even more stable roster for the 4th division team, and if we’re going to able, we will also have a new academy team in the 5th division as well.

CSGO TL2019S2 End season

Our team has performed well, despite many replacements and really no stable lineup, we managed to move up one division in Telialigaen. Next season will be more stable, the lineup for the main team is almost complete, and we have also started an academy team where we will work on player development, and that we we will end up with a pool of about 12 substitutes. – Fløytespiller, Team Coach CSGO UsE




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