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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – Review

Name: Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Bungie
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Reviewed on: PC
Release Date: 01.10.2019
Acquired: A copy of this game was provided from a publisher for review purpose

Destiny 2
is breathing new life when Bungie releases it’s first expansion after it’s split with Activision. Shadowkeep like previous expansion brings more content, with a new story, new raids and implemented new gameplay mechanics. When I first jumped in, I was overwhelmed by everything. I haven’t been playing Destiny 2 since Curse of Osiris. But, I was ready to jump back in to see what Shadowkeep has to offer.

The expansion adds a revitalized tourist destination the Moon, returning from the first Destiny with a handful of new attractions and a fresh coat of paint. Not only do the moon return but also Eris Morn, which needs the help of the Guardians to find out what is happening. Something is lurking inside the moon and is threatening to surface. From there Destiny 2 keeps more of the same flow and focuses on the elements that were added in the Forsaken and further expands to bring hours of more content and even more loot for the hungry guardians to binge on.

Shadowkeep kicks off really epic and spectacular. You hit the ground running with a joint assault on the Hive-infested Moon, allied Guardians behind you and countless Knights, Acolytes, and Thrall ahead of you. The soundtrack swells as ally ships swoop in and enemy Shriekers spring to life. Then, in an instant, the chaos of the battlefield is silenced and you’re thrown into a dark cave crawling with ethereal creatures somehow estranged from reality, and the number of questions on your mind explodes in time with the now-haunting score. From there you progress as usual activating quests and find new loot and equipment to further upgrade your power level.


The Good

In Shadowkeep they have now implemented the new Armor 2.0 Destiny 2’s reworked armor system which gives players more stats to adjust and reusable mods to play with. Every armor piece can be set to focus on different stats, which further makes it customizable to your play style. But also with some limitations that I will get back to later because there is an elemental affinity system that determines which armor can use which mods.

There is a new finisher move that really packs a punch and satisfying as hell. With many different kinds to collect and equip, to use to demolish your enemies when you want to save ammo. The Hive Lectern obtained in the campaign is also at the heart one of Shadowkeep’s most enjoyable grinds. You can purchase and complete Essence quests at the Lectern to obtain specific pieces of gear from the Moon loot pool, including a full – and extremely cool – armor set and multiple weapons. You have to complete short, mission-like Nightmare Hunts to unlock some Essences, but once you have them, you can repeat them as much as you’d like. 

Essences are fairly easy to acquire and complete, so they’re a great way to acquire specific weapons and rolls. It’s very similar to the Black Armory Forge bounties in the Year 2 Annual Pass, but Essences are much shorter, there’s more of them, and their rewards are generally better. Essences aren’t the only direct path to loot, either. The new Vex Offensive horde mode has four weapon-specific bounties which let you chase your ideal role. The activity itself also showers you in loot, with at least four Legendary drops every 15-minute run. Shooting hordes of Vex is fun in a very simple way,  just turn your brain off, shoot everything that moves, and get gear. There is even a perk that it gathers some Essences since Vex Offensive counts as a Moon activity.

Artifacts are one of several ways that Destiny 2 has aimed more toward the Battle Pass models seen in games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. It’s clear Bungie wants to deliver seasons of sustained content rather than big expansions followed by huge droughts. It is a nice way to keep players coming back time after time.


The Bad 

But also it gives you an expansion that isn’t complete yet, so you don’t actually know at purchase what you will be getting. 

Armor 2.0 feels like a work-in-progress. the elemental affinity system that determines which armor can use which mods, as it can feel arbitrary and limiting at times. If I want to use a scout rifle and a shotgun, for instance, I won’t be able to use Scout Rifle Loader and Shotgun Loader mods on the same pair of gloves. armor can only use mods from one type of element. So I’d need to use one specific elemental and the generic on the other.

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

  • DLC Score 8


Destiny 2 is taken into a new direction, which by the looks of it won’t end in the nearest future. It works more like a season pass, which actually comes with Shadowkeep. When first coming back to Destiny I’ve was overwhelmed with all the stuff it has changed in massive ways since my last time playing and ended up feeling like a sequel. For us newbies, it can feel like an utter mess to get into and try to understand how the ropes are. But for those that have been there all the time, I would guess it is a welcome addition to further continue their loot addiction. So let’s just say “welcome to Destiny 2.5 we will keep you safe for many years to come.” 

User Review
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  • Great environments
  • Still experimenting with new content
  • Many reasons to come back time after time


  • Short campaign
  • Very messy for new players
  • Some gameplay mechanics need to be worked more on

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