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E3 2018 – EA press conference summary


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Electronic Arts jumped the start at E3 when they held their annual EAPlay2018 this evening. During their roughly 90 minutes on stage, these were the things they focused on;

Battlefield V

At first we got a glance at Battlefield V’s multiplayer mode, where we got to know that their “battle royale” mode will be called “Royale,” although no further details were revealed during conference. We also got a quick look at something called “Nordlys War Stories” featuring Norwegian forces (talking Norwegian, nonetheless). Luckily, we will get to know more about this tomorrow during the Xbox-conference.


Not surprisingly at all, we got to know a bit more about FIFA 19 too. The major difference from last year’s edition is the fact that UEFA Champions League will finally be a part of the FIFA-world. It will not only be available in career mode, but also during Alex Hunter’s story, where we now will be able to play for the title.

EA could also inform that FIFA 18 will receive a free World Cup DLC shortly, with the inclusion of the “Icelandic Clap.” FIFA 18 will also be available for a free trial the next weekend(s)?

EA Origin Access Premier

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, later came up to the stage, and could inform us about a new subscription tier, called EA Origin Access Premier. Starting this summer, players can join Origin Access Premier to enjoy full access to new EA releases on PC before anyone else, including the upcoming launches of Madden NFL 19, FIFA 19, Battlefield V and Anthem.

Star Wars

In a segment called “from the crowd” Vince from Respawn could tell that their upcoming game will be titled Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Soldier. In the game we will play as a Jedi during the dark ages between episode three and four, and the game is slated for release Holidays 2019.

DICE too was briefly on stage, talking about Star Wars Battlefront II. They could reveal that they will add content from the Han Solo movie next week, with more stuff coming this summer. This includes a new team system, a large scale conquer mode and the addition of The Clone Wars.

EA Originals

During the EA Originals segment Unravel Two was revealed. Unravel Two builds off of the original game and centers on the bond between two Yarnys, which can be played as a single player or local co-op drop-in/drop-out experience, available today. The two Yarnys will need to support one another as they work through tricky trials and traverse between beautiful natural landscapes and intricate urban environments, with the surroundings blossoming into new life as they embark on an adventure together.

Later on, Cornelia Geppert from Jo-Mei Studios, talked about their game, Sea of Solitude. You play as Kay, a lonely girl who’s turned into a monster. The game will focus on finding out how she became this monster, and more importantly how she can get back to her human self. The game will release early 2019.

Command & Conquer: Rivals

Electronic Arts also announced Command & Conquer: Rivals, a player versus player (PVP) real-time strategy game built from the ground up for mobile devices. Taking advantage of mobile’s touch interface, Command & Conquer: Rivals give players continuous control of their armies as they face off in intense head-to-head battles where skill and strategy are key to victory.

Madden 19 and NBA 19

In addition, EA talked very briefly about Madden NFL 19 and NBA Live 2019, which will release on the 7th of September.


Lastly, and probably most anticipated, was the Q&A about Bioware’s upcoming game Anthem. Featuring Casey Hudson, Mark Darrah and Cathleen Rootsaert. We were told how that game would feature a dynamic new world, and something they called “Our world, my story.” Supposedly this means that the players will experience the same environmental changes, such as weather, time of day and destruction from monsters, while they’re at a different place in the story.

Cathleen Rootsaert proudly added how they planned on expanding on the story for years to come, with following NPC’s sidestories further being one of the main attractions of this feature. Finally, we were told a bit about how the game features four different “javelins” (classes), all with their own strengths and weaknesses, which allows players to adapt the character to their style of play. It will be customizable looks and loadouts, but no pay-to-win, assured by the same Q&A panel. And at the very end, Bioware could reveal that the game will launch on 22nd of February 2019.

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