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Far Cry 5 – Review

Name: Far Cry 5
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal / Ubisoft Toronto
Publisher: Ubisoft
Released: 27.03.2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Reviewed on: PlayStation 4 Pro
Acquired: A self bought copy of this game

The Far Cry series is brought to America for the first time, with a crazy Christian cult occupying Hope County. And as expected a few had to complain about this, not politically correct etc. But that is what Far Cry is all about, going the extra step of realistic topics and bringing it to the “crazy level”. I got the opportunity to try Far Cry 5 last year during Gamescom, and I had a few things to say then. So did the final product change my mind?


You play as a young deputy who is about to arrest the cult leader of Eden’s Gate in Hope County, Montana. Joseph Seed who is a religious extremist and the leader of this cult has taken over Hope County and is pretty much torturing and killing everything they come across to proceed the prophecy of the lamb.

This new story is set in America with a religious cult in Far Cry 5, this is engaging as much as it’s fun to experience. And to answer the question if Far Cry 5 is politically correct or not, well yes and no. I can understand why some people might get upset here and feel the “realism”, but this is still a made up story with the touch of “Far Cry’s craziness”. If we look at the story as a whole its pretty basic and pretty much straight forward and you’ll know what happens next, until you reach the very end that is, as I said Far Cry 5 has the “Far Cry craziness” in it. Even though the story is basic, it’s well written and strong. Lines are confusing yet understandable, conversations are interesting and fun, not misplaced lines (during combat/gameplay) and almost every character is has a “good background” that makes them interesting or lovable.

Submit or die

I won’t talk about the story itself in detail, because the story is worth the experience without hints or spoilers. Even a lot of the side missions are equally well written and fun to experience.
In my preview I talked about that the characters and story isn’t that crazy as the previous Far Cry titles. I couldn’t have been more wrong, Far Cry 5 is by far one of the most crazy and mind blowing Far Cry titles to this day.


Let’s us talk about the music and the the sound design in Far Cry 5 first. Because wow! Dan Romer who composed the music nailed it! Each track truly gave me the sense of being in “Redneck county”, “Farmers place” or to say it more simply “Hope County, Montana”. Each track helped to set the right setting.

To smaller details, I didn’t encounter misplaced sound designs nor “why the hell did that sound like that” moments. The voice acting is good and sometimes brilliant (Hats of for the voice actors here). But everything isn’t top notch, the voice is a bit misplaced by the facial animations during gameplay sessions (Not a big deal, we always know that cutscenes are better than actual gameplay). There is a few bugs and glitches during gameplay and “graphic wise” but they aren’t game breaking bugs. And if you can manage to put down your gun and sit down with your fishing rod during the sunset all of it goes away, simply enjoying the gorgeous landscape, environmental visuals and lightning setups (Okay I went a bit on the tech talk there). Far Cry 5 is a huge showcase for developers to showcase their 3D models, texturing and animations. And by the looks of it, it sure looks like they had a lot of fun doing so. Even though Far Cry 5 is a huge open world, they manage to bring up minor details everywhere.


As always, my opinions of a video game depends of my gameplay experience. Is it fun to play? Is it worth my time? And how much time can I invest in this game? Those are just a few of the questions I ask myself when I’m reviewing a video game. So let’s begin with the things that Far Cry 5 didn’t do so well.

Some minor details such as shooting through walls, enemies have better animations when dying or need of help and flames are better created / animated in Far Cry 2 (Yes, that old game). Those are minor issues I encountered, but then again, I’m old. I’ve played through every single Far Cry game from launch. If you haven’t played the previous titles you might even not notices these issues, but if you’re like me you might notice it. But then again, these are minor issues.

Go fetch!

But the thing that truly has improved since Far Cry 4 and during my preview is the gunplay and flying mechanics. The gunplay isn’t top notch, maybe great at best, same goes with driving vehicles, flying with helicopters, planes or skydiving as well. Or to simplify it, every mechanic in Far Cry 5 is mediocre or great at best if you look at each segment single handed. But if you put all of the segments together, you’ll have the perfect recipe of an first person shooter open world game.

Guns for Hire is a new mechanic added into Far Cry 5, you can have up to two followers with different abilities to help you liberate Hope County. Who doesn’t want to go into battle with a brown bear named Cheeseburger at his side?
The AI isn’t always the best, (running into flames, standing the way, running in front of you’re shooting lane etc) but then again it isn’t the worst either.
What I truly love about my gameplay experience is that you’re encouraged to explore the world on your own. No need to climb towers or other things to open up your map. And I also loves that Ubisoft uses previous titles as easter eggs or references in the game.
I would give the gameplay section a 10 out of 10, but there is one thing that brings this score a whole point down, microtransactions. You can use real money to buy Silver Bars, you can buy weapons, vehicles and more with silver bars to use during the campaign. In my opinion this ruins the experience if you pay up to use the shortcut. Yes it will take a lot of hours to get that .50 Cal sniper rifle with tons of mods and skins or that tiny helicopter with guns, but that’s part of the experience.


The controls is one of the things that I complained about after my Gamescom preview, especially the plane controls. But I can ensure you that controlling an airplane in Far Cry 5 are now easy and doesn’t feel like flying a brick. On another hand the plane controls might be a bit to easy. On the general parts, the gunplay, driving and flying schematics are not to advanced and easy to learn. The helicopter controls is a bit clunky though.

Replay Value

One thing that many open world games struggles with is the “end game” material. What can you do after you finish the main storyline?. Well let’s put it this way, can you finish the main storyline?
There are tons of interesting and fun side missions to do, Clutch Nixon provides stunt courses to race, you can go fishing or hunting, finding every single collectible, activate the outpost master in the option menu to “reset” the enemy outposts so you can do them all over again or go into the Far Cry 5 Arcade to either play player created maps or create one yourself.


Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

You can check out our review policy right here, if you wonder how we set our scores.

  • Story 9
  • Graphics 10
  • Gameplay 9
  • Controls 8
  • Replay Value 9


Far Cry 5 provides tons of hours of fun with interesting and fun characters. Hope County is a beautiful place to bring mayhem to the cult, or to go fishing. The story itself is pretty basic but it is well written and well performed by the voice actors. You can look forward to many interesting side missions and many funny moments either playing in Solo or Co Op mode.

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  • Story and characters
  • Beautiful world
  • Lot of activities
  • Far Cry Arcade
  • Guns for Hire


  • Microtransactions
  • Facial animations during gameplay
  • Minor details in both graphics and gameplay
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