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Final Fantasy XIV’s Monster Hunt begins soon

Square Enix today announced all the information of what players can expect when its highly-anticipated collaboration with Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World arrives in Final Fantasy XIV on 7th of August. The upcoming crossover, first revealed during this year’s E3, will test the mettle of players as they face off against the “King of the Skies,” Rathalos.

Hunt the “King of the Skies”!
Arriving as part of the 4.36 update alongside the next installment of The Forbidden Land Eureka titled “The Pagos Expedition”, Level 70 players who have completed the “Stormblood” main scenario quest will be able to take on the mighty beast in both normal and extreme versions of “The Great Hunt” Trial. While the normal version will see eight Warriors of Light team up to try and emerge victorious, the extreme version will challenge four players to defeat the monster, while featuring certain additional mechanics in homage to Monster Hunter: World.

Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida also gave a first tease of what’s to come after the collaboration, in the upcoming Patch 4.4: Prelude in Violet:

  • New Main Scenario Quests
  • New Sidequests – The Four Lords and Even Further Hildibrand Adventures
  • New Dungeons – The Burn and Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum (Hard)
  • New Trial – Suzaku
  • New Raid – Omega: Alphascape
  • Updates to jobs, PvP, Battle System, Eureka, Gathering and Crafting, Grand Companies, Housing, The Gold Saucer and more.

In addition, fans can look forward to an exciting season of Final Fantasy XIV Online Fan Festivals all over the world. With North America kicking off the tour on 16-17th November, 2018 in Las Vegas, followed by the European Fan Festival on 2-3rd February, 2019 at the La Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris and ending with the Tokyo Fan Festival in March 2019.

Source: PRNordic Press Email

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