First official trailer! Detective Pikachu

Featured/main image: IndieWire 

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
If you pretty much have lived underneath a rock, or simply decided to leave your smartphone inside your pocket for once (not likely), you pretty much have missed out on something incredible!

This has to be one of my childhood dreams come true, and I’m sure there is a lot of other 90’s kids out there who thinks the same way. Not only do we get a live-action Pokemon movie, but Pikachu is being voiced by none other than Ryan Reynolds! (No I do not have a “man-crush” on him, I think), and come on, just look at that main picture at the top, it’s adorable right? There have been many sites covering this, but come on, we simply can’t miss this, and I’m sure you will see the trailer one more time.


Check out the very first trailer here of the upcoming movie coming in summer 2019

Source: Warner Bros Picture YouTube Channel




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