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Crystal Dynamics and Marvel finally revealed some in-game footage of their Avengers project during Square Enix E3 conference.

There are many different studios working on Marvel Avengers, but the main teams are Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal with Square Enix as a publisher.
So what type of information did we manage to scatter from this reveal?
First of all, this is a 3rd person cinematic action adventure game, phew that was a long genre title…


You can either play this solo or play with four player co-op online. For now, there are only Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow Hulk, and Thor who is announced as characters. But the developers assured that future locations and heroes will be available for us at no extra cost!

As mentioned, this is a cinematic game, the narrative is an all-new original story by Marvel, and we do of course need actors!

  • Troy Baker – Hulk.
  • Nolan North – Iron Man.
  • Laura Bailey – Black Widow.
  • Travis Willingham – Thor.
  • Jeff Schine – Captain America

Full video of the Marvel Avengers reveal (recorded by Gamespot)

Marvel Avengers will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia 15th of May 2020.

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