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GC18 – Elder Scrolls: Blades – Hands On

Ever since I first heard about Elder Scrolls: Blades on E3, I’ve wanted to get my hands on this game to try it out. During Gamescom I finally got the chance!

The first thing I have to mention is that this game has seriously impressive graphics, considering it’s running on a mobile device, and I hope it won’t make my phone as hot as I fear it’s going to be when playing it. When I first saw it, I thought they may have boosted up the graphics a little for the demo, but I was wrong. It really is THAT good looking.

Elder Scrolls Blades1

I will probably need a while to get used to the controls, and I hope that in the final product there is an option to have “inverted camera”, even though I am not sure that was the problem. It’s probably just me not being used to playing a game like this on a mobile device.

During the battles you don’t have to think about movement though, and you can focus on controlling your weapon and shield. It felt very natural and intuitive. If you are facing several enemies, they have the decency to wait in line to be slaughtered.

Elder Scrolls Blades2

The dungeon and forest I experienced were much more linear than I would expect from any other Elder Scrolls game, but considering I will have it available in my pocket all the time, I don’t feel like that is something I will be bothered by.

Elder Scrolls: Blades truly feels like the quality product I expect from Bethesda.
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Note: The game I tried was not the final product and the final product may be very different from the item this article describes.

Axel Aubert
Axel Aubert
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