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GC18 – Hitman 2 – Hands On

Agent 47 will soon return to give us hours of sneaking and assassination, with season 2 giving us more open maps to explore and find new ways to kill. I got the chance to try out a small portion of the game and got some info about the upcoming game. So 13th November you can once more suit up and gear up, to be the best assassin the world has ever seen. And there were some new features that will excite many, especially for those who already owns season 1. They will for free get all content from season 1 that has been remade for season 2 with all the new features implemented.

The changes that is made, are improvements all the way that benefits, the player. In Instinct Mode you can now see the trajectory of cameras, so you can always see where you will be spotted. Talking about cameras when spotted a small window show ups in the corner, showing you what the camera sees. Also when NPC’s is reacting on your action an window pops up showing what they are reacting to and where they are going. That is what I noticed when playing had changed with the gameplay.

There is one new or rather old feature that is returning and that is the suitcase. You can now store equipment and carry them in a suitcase, so you now don’t have to find the secret hideout to get your equipment. But it also gives us the chance to carry bigger weapons like a Sniper Rifle that usually would wake suspicions when carry on our back.

During Gamescom 2018 I’ve had the chance to play through the whole Miami level where there were two targets. The CEO of a Motor company and his daughter, where we could get really creative about how we wanted to get rid of them. This is the same level that was being shown during the announcement trailer.

Luckily I had recently played through season one of Hitman so I haven gone gone rusty yet how to play. So I jumped eagerly in to play to familiarise myself quickly since I only had 40 minutes to play. Hitman didn’t disappoint at all, everything felt as good as it did last time. And the creativity that is put in all the options there is to assassinate someone is fantastic, it makes you really want to explore to find all opportunities. Hitman is a difficult game to play, with the pressure of a time limit. But after 40 minutes exploring the level and try and fail at assassinate the targets, I did manage to take them both down and felt pretty satisfied with what I accomplished. I will not go in details, but if you would like to see how it was and what I did. Luckily for you I recorded the whole session that I will put here.

What I can say after playing is this, if you played season 1 or are a fan of Hitman in general. You will love it and won’t disappoint, and if you haven’t played any of it yet. This is a great opportunity to play an improved season 1 and for what it looks a great sequel.

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