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GC18 – Spike Chunsoft

Spike Chunsoft was also in attendance at Gamescom, and I got the task of meeting them – I was running late, but so were the two other journalists meeting with them, and as a result all we got was seeing some trailers and a factsheet. I will admit the little I did get to know was interesting, though!

428 Shibuya Scramble

  • Five leading characters
  • Live-action visual novel
  • Will include 50+ endings
  • You’ll have to play as the different characters during different sections of the game.
  • Launches 21st of September for PS4 and PC

Fire Pro Wrestling World

  • Old school fighter
  • Features real wrestlers
  • “Everything” is customizable.
  • Launches 28th of September for PC and PS4

Steins;Gate – Elite

  • Will feature a hand drawn style
  • 40+ hours of gameplay
  • “Play through the anime”
  • Both the PS4 and Switch version will feature extra content for free.
  • Launches early in 2019 for PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch

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