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Get Even – Review

Name: Get Even
Developer: The Farm 51
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Released: 23, June 2017
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed on: PlayStation 4


A small polish developer team “The Farm 51” has made one of the biggest mind bending games I have played in recent time. This is an “First Person Shooter” with not much shooting and a puzzler with a small amount of puzzles. But a whole lot of «mind-fucks» that will keep you engaged.




The story is very good, but in fear of destroying the fun of everyone else I can not reveal too much.
In short, the main character, “Black”, is suffering from memory loss and is in a dilapidated mental hospital. Eventually he gets in touch with a mysterious figure called Red.
Black is equipped with a kind of VR headset that lets him visit and explore his memories, and together with Red he must try to get to the bottom of a mystery that contains murder, kidnapping and secret military technology.
It’s a true psychological thriller full of puzzles and mysteries, scary characters and environments, sudden turning points and dark conspiracies, and not least nasty and frequent «mind-fucks».



Shoot and sneak
In the world of memories, you are equipped with a corner gun – a gun you can see around corners. One is also equipped with a phone that lets you search for traces, scan interesting objects for DNA, find blood traces and check their position on the map.
The “Corner Gun” mechanics are interesting and useful, but I quickly realized that it was just as effective to brawl into a room to shoot everything that moves. Red tells you that everything you do has consequences.
The shooting part of the game doesn’t offer any revolutionary mechanics. It is clear that it’s meant to be sneaking around. Red constantly scouts that you can not kill too many, because then the memory you are in will be unstable. I chose relatively often to ignore Red, and cut down everything that touched me, without feeling this made any particular difference.




The graphics are not quite in the top, at least not in the PS4 edition of the game. However, it does not matter too much, as it in turn helps to enhance the dirty and cloudy visual style of the environment through which you move.
Although what you see in Get Even may not be anything to write home about, everything else is quite fabulous. Dynamic and creepy, the soundtrack follows the action of the game. What you see is reflected in what you hear. You move through the worn out scenes to a soundtrack of creepy sounds and captives singing the madness’s own hymns.
The heart really starts to pump when the soundtrack intensity reflects the increasing pace in many of the sequences.



If you let the story draw you in, you’ll enjoy Get Even. I read each document and studied every picture I found in an attempt to puzzle the story on its own.
It’s also possible to rush through the game without drowning so much at the action, but then I suspect the experience is losing weight.
Because it’s the story, the mood and the mental puzzle you have to try to put as the core. So, like a scary environment, a little puzzle and good storytelling, Get Even is  great to pass some time.



  • +Great Story
  • +Interesting characters
  • +Fun mechanics
  • -Difficult controls sometimes
  • -Some drop in frames occasionally

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