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GFN League S1 Round 4 – Results

Round 4 has come to an end, and the results are in. A lot of walkovers in round 4, as lots of the teams that haven’t attended the league since the very beginning was suppose to battle each other this round.

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2v2 Gunfight

  • Dicknitas Clan 0-2 Ulvespill Esport (Walkover)
  • Hendermennder 0-0 Toy Story 5 (No Show)
  • MAGI 2-0 Ulvespill Esport 3
    Pine 10-1, Gulag Showers 10-9
  • Leave as Group Blå 0-2 Loox_Clan
    8-10 Speedball, 6-10 Stack
  • Geeks eSport COD 2-0 Blurry Vision (Walkover)
  • shushi 0-0 Maniax Gaming COD MW C
  • Inner Circle 0-2 Maniax Gaming COD MW D (Walkover)
  • Leave as Group Rød 2-0 Superior Old Men
    10-3 Docks, 10-4 Speedball
  • No Name 0-2 Maniax Gaming COD MW A (Walkover) 
  • Ulvespill Esport 2 2-0 MinK (Walkover)
  • smyg.no 0-2 Ulvespill Eport 4 (Walkover)


2v2 VOD’s

3v3 Search & Destroy 

    • Ulvespill SnD 0-2 Leave as Group Rød
      0-6 Arklov Peak, 4-6 Hackney Yard
    • Toy Story 5 0-0 Inner Circle
    • SeNs 2-0 Ulvespill SnD 2
      6-0 Gun Runner, 6-0 Hackney Yard


The guys who regularly live-stream their GFN Matches:
Main Stream – Ulvespill
tjademannen – Superior Old Men
JoyfulAvenger – Ulvespill Esport 2
OMGitsMuffen – Geeks eSport
flippy_plays – Loox_Clan
Loox_FaTe – Loox_Clan

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