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Hypergun – Review

Name: Hypergun
Developer: NVYVE Studios
Publisher: NVYVE Studios
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Reviewed on: PC
Initial Release Date: 23.08.2018
Acquired: A copy of this game was provided from publisher for review purpose

It’s the year 2038. Aliens have occupied Earth, and only the Hypergun program can save humankind. Luckily, here Dewey Owens steps in and are ready to help make the Hypergun. There are lots of attachments to choose from, in order to make the ultimate weapon and lots of aliens to shoot. Could I make the ultimate gun? Let’s find out!


“Save the world as DevTech Labs’ fearless intern, Dewey Owens in Hypergun! A fast-paced roguelite shooter centering around a procedural weapon of questionable effectiveness, it’s up to Dewey to master the ultimate combat simulator. Fighting through waves of alien interlopers in a simulation designed to create the ultimate weapon, players will unlock exciting new classes all while gaining powerful abilities in their journey to create the Hypergun!” – Steam-page

Honestly, this is all there is to the story — at least of what I’ve understood during my time with the game — therefore I will not set a score on this section.


Allow me start out by saying how cool the style in this game is! The neon-techno/sci-fi styled the developers have made is simply stunning, and fits very well with the sound design too! In addition the aliens all look, well, alien – it’s obvious they don’t belong on Earth, and that they are from another world. At some points the framerate do drop quite a lot, for example when I am surrounded by aliens, which are all shooting/hacking/slashing me, even though my setup should be more than enough to deal with the game even at high graphical setting. All in all though, Hypergun has made a convincing impression when it comes to the graphics.


Foremost, the gameplay is a good deal of fun! It’s easy to get into, but hard to master. As a roguelite the game also features many customization options, which can make or break your run. The game features lots of different enemies, well made levels, with an explorative side to it – you don’t need to inspect every room in each level, but you’re sure missing out on loot if you rush straight to the boss!

Sure, some things could be better – for example I wish I could choose what new attachments to pick up, in case I liked a particular attachment I already had. I’ve also yet to grasp why I can’t start out a new run with attachments I found before – but that might just be my lack of patience. I’d also like to add some of the aliens feel slightly too overpowered. That being said, I just might not have found THE Hypergun yet.



In my preview of Hypergun, I complained about the sensitivity being way too low – I don’t know if the developers have done anything about it, or if its just my mouse’s new software that has made the whole experience a lot better, but at least I can’t complain about it anymore, it’s still not as highly sensitive as many other shoot-em-ups, but it’s not longer an annoyance! By all means, there are a few hiccups here and there, for example I can’t find any way to aim/zoom – but this is all minor issues that don’t really take away my joy in playing.

Replay Value

A thing I was genuinely surprised by was how the levels seemed to change if you left them mid-run. That is indeed very cool and allows the replay value to sky-rocket! On top of that you have the fact that you can find numerous attachments each run, and suddenly you have a game that gives you a new experience every time. Obviously some of the attachments are rather similar and don’t make that much of a difference, but it’s still something new. The only complaint I in fact have is that there are just four different types of guns to choose from – I do wish there could be some more.

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

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  • Graphics 7
  • Gameplay 7
  • Controls 7
  • Replay Value 8


Despite my worries before my time with Hypergun, I must say I’ve really come to enjoy the game. It’s one of those “just one more round” games that we all can enjoy, and after being stuck on a boss for quite some time, the feeling I get when I beat it(?) is immense. Basically if you like roguelites/shoot-’em-ups I’m very confident you’ll like Hypergun too!

User Review
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  • Looks good
  • Fun gameplay
  • High replay value


  • Some lag
  • A bit slow controls

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