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Mortal Kombat 11 – Review

Name: Mortal Kombat 11
NetherRealm Studios
Warner Bros
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.
Reviewed on: PS4
Acquired: A copy of this game was provided by a publisher for review purpose

I’ve always been a huge fan of fighting games, and Mortal Kombat has always been my go-to series because of the brutal, and insane fatalities, violent video games have always been interesting and fun (at least for me)
And I was not disappointed with this sequel to the franchise


The story of MK11 is not that great to be completely clear, I mean it works for what it is and it is a fighting game with some great characters that have great backstories. However, it basically follows what happens after Shinnok has been defeated by Cassie Cage in Mortal Kombat X.
Shinnok’s mother and keeper of time, Kronika (Main antagonist for this title) gets triggered after the beheading of Shinnok, and Kronika needs to rewrite history in order to stop Raiden’s interference, she proceeds to ally herself with Liu Kang and Kung Lao ( you know, they are bad guys now) and afterwards creates a temporal anomaly which combines past and present, where both present and past identities meet as one in the same from a different point in time.
A great example is that there is two Johnny Cage now, the young arrogant one, and the more adult one who has a daughter.


Now the warriors of ‘Earthrealm’ must stop Kronika and bring things back to normal while Raiden has some conflicts about how he failed Kung Lao but yeah that’s his troubles!

Playing as individual characters throughout the story for a short but long enough time to learn their basics, motivation, lore (even more than you know already) and have a decent flow is a nice touch, and the story never feels interrupted when you do so, from cinematic to gameplay in an instant which was also refreshing

Overall the story is pretty slapstick and you go to “time travel” stuff which I don’t like that much


The graphics are pretty spot on when it comes to the gameplay contra the cinematics it goes very fluent with minimal loading screens (only encountered these when losing in story).

However, some of the environmental graphics looks really washed out also the cinematics having black bars, not a fan.

However, the game looks gorgeous and it will suck you in seeing how good your favorite fighters look in this version of Mortal Kombat.
Sound design is also hit or miss this time around, there are no huge sound indicators when it comes to using special moves or tricks which is usually a way to tell if you hit or not so you can react quickly, however, the sounds and visual effects when performing fatalities or fatal blows are wonderful, and it leaves you satisfied looking at the splattering blood and violent gore when you kill your opponent in multiple malicious ways


The gameplay is how you expect it to be, however as an enthusiast (that I used to be) I recommend getting an arcade stick, for these games its the best thing to get, you can react much faster and play better once you get used to it.
Nonetheless, the gameplay is as you expect it to be I mean its Mortal Kombat!

You brutally humiliate your opponent and afterward do it again with a fatality that makes him smash his controller, nothing more satisfying, ok well maybe if I could rank higher online but that’s about it.

Considering the flaws that are in the gameplay (which could easily be a controller issue) as this was played on a ps4, and playing these kinds of games in general with the playstation controllers makes me demotivated, It feels unresponsive a lot when doing special moves, cause you need to press harder and it doesn’t always register.

Besides that, it feels wonderful to learn the special moves, upgrading your characters and stuff is also a really welcoming feature since I don’t use it that often.

Also introducing a bunch of new characters here, Like Geras or Kronika, they seem cool on paper, however, they are executed poorly, their move sets, fatalities and everything all seems so short termed and pointless, what good is a keeper of time if she loses to a mortal? I don’t get that.
And when you look at the likes of Raiden, he might not be immortal but he is a badass god, who still can kick ass while the game still recognizes that he is flawed (Playing as him in MK11 is pretty bad though don’t use him)


This goes hand in hand with gameplay, I like the controls as they are basic to learn, hard to master.

If you are already familiar with the controls that are, however, it is almost the same as the old Mortal Kombat titles, except for a few minor changes

In this case, as an example, Fata Blows, when your health gets low enough you press R2 and L2 at the same time to hit your enemy with a series of Brutality combos that goes into an animation of them getting massacred hard (not a finisher but a recovery tool).
Think of it as the old “X-RAY” stuff from Mortal Kombat X, kinda similar, kinda not but its the same style they were going for.

But besides covering that controls are what you expect, solid at most times, can be clunky if you aren’t used to what gear you are using, and as mentioned earlier, ARCADE STICKS ARE RECOMMENDED

Replay Value

Well, you got a lot of replay value, if you play locally with friends/against friends or online. However, when it comes to solo play the only thing there is would be Tower fighting, which is basically ladder fighting against opponents in a tournament styled theme.
However, this can get boring after a while, and at least for me, it’s a huge problem that i get bored after playing these games alone, besides that, you can basically play online hone your skills, and just overall kick ass, replay value can be high depending on how you enjoy fighting games


You can check out our review policy right here if you wonder how we set our scores.

  • Story 5
  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 8
  • Controls 7
  • Replay Value 7


Mortal Kombat 11 is an ambitious sequel to the 10th game, it tries some new stuff, introduces new characters and story elements, and on some points on the story it falls really weak, the gameplay is all worth it in my optics.

Whether you are a fan of fighting games or not, and you know Mortal Kombat as a whole, i would definitely recommend picking this up if you live with someone you can play with, or often play with mates, then its totally worth it

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  • Satisfying gameplay elements as previous titles
  • Wide and familiar character roster with some great new additions gameplay wise
  • Graphics are stunning


  • Weak and short story


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