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Rockstar just made GTA IV easier to play

Have you tried to play GTA IV and it’s expansions Episodes From Liberty City, containing Lost and the Damned and Ballad of Gay Tony on PC in recent years? if not then you wouldn’t understand the hassle it has been, but if you have been in the same situation as me good news has come.

To cap it all up, when GTA IV launched you had to log into Games for Windows Live to play. At the time it wasn’t many issues with that system, but as Windows has evolved and the implementation of the Xbox app and so forth compatibility with games from that era has been a problem.

Even buying from Steam, didn’t remove the issue until now that is.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition is now available for purchase via the Rockstar Games Launcher and Steam.

Current owners of Grand Theft Auto IV or Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City on Steam will see their digital versions updated to GTA IV: Complete Edition in their Steam library, which includes both titles. This update also removes the previous requirement for Games for Windows Live.

Source: Nordic Game Supply Press Release

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