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Tropico 6 – Review

Name: Tropico 6
Developer: Limbic Entertainment
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Released: 29.03.2019
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Reviewed on: PC
Acquired: A copy of this game was provided by a publisher for review 

I’ve never been fond of construction simulators and management games, but I got a crack at Tropico 6 and to say the least I was quite surprised, as a first time to the series it had some nice elements for me to explore and enjoy, despite having some flaws that put me off, I enjoyed the game for what it was, and it gave me a feeling of being El Presidenté. This game doesn’t really have a story, it is more of a short explanation for each mission, and different eras you can play.


Now the graphics are something else here, it is not the main focus, but it gives the game the feel it needs, colors are vibrant and nice and goes with the nice music while watching over and expanding Tropico to become the best place to be.

The sound design is also really mint and great for what it is, for each action done you get prompts, such as workers responding to your actions, or you hear seagulls near the docks, and hearing freighters departing or arriving at the docks, the small things that complete it, besides that, also when you get a plea from specific groups of people whether be capitalists, communists, or religious people, those prompts are fully voice-acted which is really nice, not something that was needed, but it is nice it was added.

When it comes to the graphical capabilities of the game, it’s not something special but it does what it is supposed to do, gives us the tone of the game.



The gameplay in Tropico is so complex I don’t even know where to start. You need to control everything happening in your nation, which is trading, housing, entertainment everything, while you try to establish production and trade routes to make sure your nation has a steady income, you also need to make sure the budget for each thing matches the supply and demand, as well as creating enough housing when even more people seek to come to your paradise, as well as meet demands for certain groups when it comes to working ethics, and human rights.
You, of course, can also be a full dictator so you won’t get any votes during elections, and if people speak out about you, you can just have them assassinated, simple right?

It gives you so much creative freedom to make this to be your own playground, however, if you don’t play accordingly you can really screw yourself over, which is where the tutorial is really handy. Some issues I do have with the gameplay is, for example, the Teamsters office, and docks, they are supposed to deliver stock to your production facilities, however sometimes, they just won’t deliver either coal to your power plant, or cow skin to your tannery, and there is no direct option to change with priority they should have for each industrial building.

Also having the Axis and other superpowers as allies you need to keep happy or become enemies against is really interesting, and doing political stuff with that gets really complex.
But besides the small flaws of these, the game is so perfect with its gameplay, and being able to enjoy the complex society and construction building, is something many simulator games are missing nowadays, that’s what Tropico does really right



Controls in this game are hard to explain, but it basically point click, move to click more, move buildings, move camera view. And that’s about it, you have a bunch of menus for political stuff, construction, trading deals and so on. But everything is controlled by clicking on menus and clicking on the corresponding thing you want to do.


Replay Value

Since Tropico 6 is such a diverse game with all its options, no outcome is the same, you will always get different scenarios, whether it’s pissing off a superpower, or having riots in your streets the way these outcomes will play can be very different, and that’s what makes this replayable many times over, which I will certainly do when I wanna relax and play something from now on.

Tropico 6

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  • Graphics 6
  • Gameplay 8
  • Controls 6
  • Replay Value 8


Tropico 6 is a hit or miss, but for the minor flaws it has, it makes it up for the massive and immersive gameplay and the complex system it works with. I wasn’t interested in these kinds of games before Tropico 6, but this has got me hooked, and if you are new to this genre, you should start out with Tropico, it was worth it for me

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  • Great atmosphere and setting
  • Complex political, trading, and building + management system


  • Can be confusing for new players in the genre
  • Cheesy voice acting at times

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