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Windstorm – Ari’s Arrival – Review


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Written by: Martine Alette Narvesen
Windstorm – Ari’s Arrival
Developer: Eurovideo Medien
Publisher: Eurovideo Medien
Released: 28.03.2019 (11.04.2019 on Nintendo Switch)
Platforms: PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch
Reviewed on: PS4
Acquired: Provided by a publisher for review

Windstorm Ari’s Arrival is the second game in the Windstorm series. We continue following the stallion Windstorm, but this time we get a new main character, called Ari. Windstorm is having trouble with anxiety after he and Mika experienced a fire. Mika is now in a coma, and can’t help Windstorm through this difficult period.


Windstorm Ari’s Arrival follows the story of the foster girl Ari, which has arrived at Kaltenbach. Here she gets to know Windstorm, who has a fear of flames after he and Mika survived a huge fire. Mika is now in a coma, so it’s up to Ari to help Windstorm. With the help of Mr. Kaan, Ari learns how to gain Windstorm’s trust and how to help him. During the game, we also get to know other characters and we get to see new areas around the farm.


Windstorm Ari’s Arrival is a pretty game, although the graphics do have some lacks. When moving around in the world, you’ll see the environments is missing details in the distance, however, it does appear once you get closer. The design of the horse and people are better in this edition than the first, with all of the movement looking more natural.


The main new thing in Windstorm Ari’s Arrival is the arrival of the third-person view. I felt the game became much better and funnier when constantly playing in this view. It’s easier getting into the world and story. You get the tasks at hand as soon as you’re finished with the last one. All tasks are also connected to the story, which makes the tasks more meaningful and the game better to play. It’s definitely an improvement from the last game, where you had to go out to the main menu to get new tasks and do different duties. Duties can be all from caring for the horse, exploring the areas around Kaltenbach, to practice on the course. Now it all happens while running around.

In Windstorm Ari’s Arrival, the caring for the horse section has been removed. Instead, we have Ari being a “warrior”, so we need to practice shooting the bow and arrow while riding or walking. Because this time around we can control Ari, and not just the horse while doing tasks and duties. This allows for another experience, entirely.


This game has mixed up the controls quite a bit. Personally, I think the controls from the last game was better, and it was easier controlling the horse. It definitely takes time getting used to the new controlling when I already knew the old way.

Replay Value

This game has certainly improved since the original Windstorm game. The fact that you constantly play in third-person view, makes it both funnier and easier to get into the story, and indeed the game itself. When you have played through the entire story, you have the option to use the free play mode, where you’re allowed to ride around on your own without following the story. Later on, there will come updates to this mode, and I’m excited to see where it’s gonna end up. This is definitely a game I’ll play again.

  • Story 8
  • Graphics 7
  • Gameplay 9
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 9


Windstorm – Ari’s Arrival is much better than Windstorm the game. This is actually a game I like to play several times. The level of frustration over things that didn’t work was minimal and it was fun to play through history. Although it took time to learn the new features of the controls and the graphics are not the best in the PlayStation 4 world. So I think it was a beautiful game, both graphics and play wisely. Game development goes in the right direction.

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  • Third-person view
  • The story is good
  • Freeplay mode


  • Should kept old schematics
  • The graphics have some missing features
  • Sometimes saving doesn’t actually save

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