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Winners at The Link

The Link is a non-profit organization, who, in cooperation with Svelvik municipality, has started making cultural events, mainly in the shape of LAN’s. They arrange events twice a year in Ebbestadhallen, with gaming, competitions and retro consoles. The idea behind The Link, came from a lack of LAN in the areas around Svelvik. And with around 200 participants, this year’s event can surely be called a huge success.
We held some competitions while we were at The Link, and would like to extend our congratulations to the following winners;

Quake Champions


Troy (on the right) won in the Quake Champions competition that featured 11 contestants.



Fortnite starred in a 12-hour long competition, and Markus Solheim won with 1st place and 10 kills!

Donkey Kong


In our “through the weekend” competition in Donkey Kong, Adrian Pettersen won with an amazing score of 79000!

Project Cars 2


In the drop-in contest for Project Cars 2, Kristoffer Åmfelt won with a blazing time of 1.47.352, with a BMW 1-series M Coupe, at the Laguna Seca.

DragonBall FighterZ

The_Link_Dragonball Fighterz Vinner

Kristoffer Schipsted won the competition with ten contestants.

Tekken 7


With 12 entrants, the competition was hard, but Anders (on the left) took home the victory!

Ulvespill lottery


Finally, a massive cheer for Kristoffer Åmfelt, who won our main competition, the Ulvespill lottery, and got the grand prize!

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for the competitions!
Did you attend? Tell us what you think by sending a mail to: kim@ulvespill.no

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