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Tag: Cons

Blizzcon18 – What’s new in World of Warcraft?

You ready for this? The war between the Horde and the Alliance reaches a crucial turning point in Tides of Vengeance!, a major update for Battle...

Blizzcon18 -Warcraft III: Reforged

Blizzcon is in full swing in Paris, France this weekend, with tons of announcements, esports events and much more. For now, I'm going to focus...

Ulvespill at Banzaicon 8: Villains and Scoundrels

I was attending Banzaicon 8: Villains and Scoundrels this weekend, and a con this cozy - I couldn’t not write something about it. It...

Recap of 2017

You can check out our list of game releases in 2017 right here  2017 was a big year of great and bad video games, and...

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