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A Plague Tale: Innocence is getting a lot of praise

While I haven’t yet had the time to finish up my review of A Plague Tale: Innocence, it seems like it has been enjoyed by many.

With press, players, and influencers making their love known. With tens of thousands of concurrent viewers on Twitch, Must Buy ratings from some of YouTube’s biggest gaming stars, and reviews calling it “incredible”, the “sleeper hit of the year”, and “outstanding”, Asobo’s new IP debut has had a stunning impact. All this has been compiled together in A Plague Tale: Innocence Accolades Trailer.

With audiences more interested than ever in strong narratives and compelling single-player experiences, A Plague Tale has captured hearts and minds with the dramatic story of Amicia and Hugo De Rune crossing through hell to find safety. A “triumphant” and “thrilling” story has been appreciated alongside the terror and horror of the rats that never let up, and “excellent” gameplay to create something that, as one critic put it, is “as close to perfect as games can get.”

Source: Mi5 Communications press release


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