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Battalion 1944 – Early Access Review

Name: Battalion 1944
Developer: Bulkhead Interactive
Publisher: Square Enix
Platforms: PC
Reviewed on: PC
Early Access Released: 1, February 2018
Initial Release Date: TBA

I did manage to get some kills, I promise! My contribution matters for my team!

Battalion 1944 is first person shooter on the PC set in the World War 2 era by using the Unreal Engine 4. The developers goal is to create a classic shooter from the good old days instead of the modern gun mechanics many of the triple A studios are developing these days. But have they managed to do so?

The Good

Bulkhead truly manages to touch my nostalgic buttons with Battalion 1944. It feels exactly the same as the old Counterstrike games I used to play back in the days. Even the hard and brutal gameplay mechanic. The gun mechanic isn’t realistic, but it is fast. Many people complain about the small maps, but I find the map designs to be “correct”. As the gameplay / gun mechanics is fast paced combined with small maps gives fast paced action during matches. You’ll need to be on guard all the time and you can definitely say that your reaction time is on the test.

The Bad 

Besides the usual issues with early access games, I find a few things to be an issue for my experience in Battalion 1944. The matchmaking needs some fixing as 98% of the matches I play is always “one sided” (One team totally crushes the other team), the teams isn’t stable enough to give a fun experience, if you’re on the winning team the feeling of accomplishment isn’t there and if you’re on the losing team, well you die a lot. The second issue is that the good old “bunny jumping” & “One hit sniper legends” is back at it. There is a lot of weapons, especially snipers, that needs to be nerfed or restricted. The third and final issue I have is the bad community. I have never complained about a game community in my reviews before, but the community in Battalion 1944 needs a lot of fixing and addressing from the developers. It isn’t the developers fault though, but it is something that can be addressed. Complaining about how you perform in a game isn’t a new thing from other players, but comments about sticking things in a special place and much more all the time and a lot of trash talking from my own teammates and enemy team is getting a bit extreme. Even for a video game community.

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Battalion 1944 got a lot of potential, they do manage to hit the right buttons on the nostalgic part and provides a fast paced gameplay experience. There is a few major things that needs fixing on the technical part but the main issue the bad community inside the game that needs to be addressed by the developers.

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  1. The issues you talk about in Battalion 1944 still haven’t seemed to have been fixed and its getting on my nerves. The game wasn’t cheap and I do appreciate that it is available through Early Access but this is getting a joke now


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