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The Fisherman – Fishing Planet

Name: The Fisherman – Fishing Planet
Developer: Fishing Planet LLC
Publisher: Bigben
Released: 17.10.2019
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed on: PlayStation 4
Acquired: A copy of this game was provided by a publisher for review purpose


Upon starting The Fisherman — Fishing Planet you create a character. There’s only one pair of pants, for example, though you can have them in three colors and that’s basically what you can do. Limited options, not good.
The first few hours are full of tutorials that may or may not annoy you. They do a fairly good job of explaining the basics with hand-on exercises that you need to master. You’ll learn how to set up rods for float, spinning and bottom fishing, and how to adjust the resistance of the line and your reel speed.
The tutorials make you feel like you know what you’re doing and that’s a good thing.
The game makes you track missions on your own and decide what to do.
The game really does have a big story mode, it’s more like the better you do it, the more upgrades you can do. But the game is fantastic. Would have wanted more options for creating my character.


The graphics are amazing and the environmental effects are super. From the way the water moves, the fish surfacing and being ripped out of the water to the dynamic changes in times of the day. When catching a fish, it really does feel like the fish is alive as it wriggles about while you try to get a good view of it.

The game makes the surroundings look familiar and real and it makes it more realistic. It’s like your actually out on the sea with your rod and a boat.
Love it


The game is mission-based and you have to collect a license to fish in certain waters to setting up a new rod, the objectives are clearly spelled out, but you can choose which of those you want to do. Some tasks include catching a particular species or building a fishing setup.
Items like bait can be purchased from the store, which is accessible from the main menu again. Aside from gaining XP to level up, unlocking new equipment and locations, you can also sell the fish you collect in each area. You have to take into account that traveling costs money, as do the supplies, but as you progress, you earn bigger and better equipment and can even have multiple setups to collect at the same time

The menu systems were not good!
Navigating from tab to tab – implementing all four shoulder buttons, the d-pad and both analog sticks – each with their own function.


Controls are simple in-game. Use the left stick to move to the right place. With the L2 button you can aim and with R2, cast your bait using the required power from a gauge that appears on the bottom right of the screen.
It’s easy to understand the controls and there aren’t anything errors to be found

Replay Value

The game can be a long waiting game, it can take hours to do certain things you might want to try-out. However, the game offers you a co-op mode and online mode that makes the game much more fun. You can sit around with your friends and play this game for more hours.

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  • Story 8
  • Graphics 10
  • Gameplay 8
  • Controls 10
  • Replay Value 8


I’m not the biggest fishing guy and I definitely not a pro fisher.
With that say, I think the games offer a lot of fun to it even if you are a newbie like me. You get easily hang on the game and how to catch the fish you want.
I really don’t have that much patience so the game is to slow for me, but I recommend it to the people that love to fish and likes a relaxing game

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  • Nice graphics
  • Nice selection of fish
  • Ample selection of fishing styles
  • Nice fish behavior
  • Good optimization Tutorials during the beginning explain to the player most of the rod setups and basic techniques


  • Can be a bit slow at times, especially while leveling up or fishing
  • The game can be a bit technical in the rod setup, something that could scare away a person only wanting to enjoy the experience
  • Some battles can be a bit long and the game doesn’t really explain what to do to properly tire the fish out without breaking the line
  • Being a more realistic simulator, that the fish won’t bite immediately, you’ll have to wait and sometimes even recast if you see nothing bites
  • Tutorials at the beginning don’t really explain how to properly reel in fishes or how to use professional gauges, there is room for improvement here
  • Overwhelming for newbie´s to the fishing world – there’s so much to learn



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